Pie Squared



Brett Oliver Sawyer and Vince Thomascik along with Jessica Walsh are the
owners and operators of Homegrown Hospitality Inc. Homegrown’s growing restaurant
group currently includes The Plum and Good Company in the Ohio City and Battery
Park neighborhoods of Cleveland. Both restaurants focus on from scratch recipes in
comfortable and bright settings. The food is delicious, innovative and familiar.

Two of the newest concepts from Homegrown Hospitality Inc. are located in the
Ohio City Galley.

The concept is Pie² (Pie Squared) a unique but familiar pizza concept that we
are calling Rustbelt Style Pizza. To us this helps to distinguish the pizza as it’s
own style while paying reverence to it’s obvious influences. The pies
incorporate noticeable elements of hand tossed, tavern, Detroit as well as
Sicilian and Grandma Pie styles to name a few. Our slow fermented sourdough
crust is baked in 10 x 10 inch metal pans and served hot with an array of
distinctive toppings as well as the classics. We take pride in making our
chorizo, Italian and pepperoni sausages in house. We hope you like it. Vegan
and vegetarian friendly.